Happy New Year – 2017 – Let’s do this!

Hubbards on the Pot

Gully Greetings,

Wishing you and yours all the best of everything as we get this new year underway.

Here’s the winter update…

New Music: After a few festive delays, we are excited to be sharing some new recordings with you very soon. Things are sounding fantastic for our new works, “Just About Done” and “You Blew Up My World”. Stay tuned for some streaming into your devices flowing very soon.

New Videos: And of course in this media driven age we’re most likely going to produce some videos for each of the tracks. That conceptualizing and planning is well underway.

Live shows: We’re excited to be working in some new rooms and thrilled to be returning to some of our old friends and favorite venues in the North East quadrant. See the Shows page for those details.

Deep breaths everyone. Let’s do this!


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