The Gully Hubbards are an Americana band based out of Jersey City, New Jersey. They set out to combine roots–music traditions with modern themes. Their sound utilizes pop sensibilities and compelling vocal harmonies. “The Gully Hubbards blend traditional American music genres like country, rock and roll, folk, and blues to make something fresh and new without sacrificing authenticity.” (Summer Dawn Hortillosa, Hudson County Arts Journalist) The band includes James Dower (lead and background vocals, bass), Dave “Ace” Case (lead and background vocals, guitar), Heather Conrad (lead and background vocals) and Patrick Conlon (drums). The group released their debut EP, Day Dawns Clear, in the spring of 2015.

The Gully Hubbards debut EP features singers Carolyn Light (lead and background vocals), Amy Elise (background vocals) and Andy Sapko (drums and percussion). Day Dawns Clear is anchored by a dynamic vocal approach. The title track features verses that alternate between two lead vocalists, and a pop-driven chorus that combines their voices in harmony to make a unified statement. The song uses the winter and spring seasons as a metaphor to explore life’s hardships, as well as its opportunities for renewal. Straightforward, heart-felt lyrics highlight universal themes like love, pain, and beauty. Slow-burning, alt-country song . “Ma, I’m Comin’ Home,” penned by Case, explores coming to terms with the inevitability of one’s mortality. The vocals are grounded by a dependable rhythm section that emphasizes the song, allowing the voices to be at the forefront of the music. “Each song seems born out of a backyard barbecue jam or from the musical marriage of minds around a fire – the kind of tunes that just ‘happen,’ and that everyone can’t help but sing along to.” (Summer Dawn Hortillosa, Hudson County Arts Journalist)

The Gully Hubbards formed in Jersey City in 2011 when singer-songwriters Case and Dower were both looking for new outlets for their performing and songwriting talents. Having shared the stage in Jersey City’s burgeoning music scene, they decided to join forces. Soon they were playing clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, street fairs, wineries, art galleries, farmer’s markets, and local festivals. The band frequently performs with a female vocalist to diversify their abilities. They’ve had the opportunity to write, record and perform with some of Jersey City’s finest musical talent. They continue to feature female vocalists at their current shows but often, Case and Dower can be seen performing as a duo.

With their organic sound, strong melodies, and captivating live performances, the Gully Hubbards demand the attention of audiences. The band has been performing in the tristate area in support of Day Dawns Clear. The EP is available on iTunes. The group is scheduled to play several small tours in upstate New York through the fall & winter of 2015. They hope to bring their music to as many people as possible and make a valuable connection with audiences wherever they play.