A Gully Summer Rolls on…

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Happy Summer-time, GH friends and fans. Exciting times for the Gully Hubbards! Ace and James will be making some serious rounds in Hoboken these next few months. They’ll be compostin those blues away at the Garden St. Farmers Market, and hoistin’ a pint or two as the Gully Duo at The Pilsner House. Check out the shows page for all the details.

We’ve been working with our new favorite lady-chanteuse Heather Conrad, and a top notch new drummer Patrick Conlon. If we do say so ourselves, its sounding pretty darn good with these two. We’ve got a bunch of new tunes, and clean socks too :) Check out the new line-up and hear new Gully music at Roxy and Dukes on Friday, September 18th. The Garden States undisputed A#1 rockin’ roadhouse. Ace promises to wear the cowboy hat for this one.

Other news: watch for a new Gully Hubbards VLOG. Seriously. This is a big thing now. Still not sure when we see the money. But no matter…

Stay cool out there,

Ace and James

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